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Echoes of Excellence: Kenneth Kellogg and Joshua Stewart Illuminate Malcolm X's Legacy at Seattle Opera

In the grand tapestry of classical music and opera, rare are the moments when art not only mirrors history but becomes a beacon of its vibrancy and potential. Arbour Artists’ own Kenneth Kellogg(Bass) and Joshua Stewart(Tenor) have recently embodied such a moment, bringing to life the complexities and courage of Malcolm X in Seattle Opera’s production of X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X.


As we navigate the complexities of artistic interpretation and historical legacy, Arbour Artists’ roster continues to pioneer new realms of classical excellence. Kenneth Kellogg, with his rich bass voice, does not merely perform; he commands the stage as Malcolm X, encapsulating the spirit and struggle of one of history’s most dynamic figures. Similarly, Tenor Joshua Stewart, with versatility and vocal brilliance, traverses two demanding roles—Street, the worldly wise hustler, and the elderly Elijah Muhammad—showcasing a range that spans the depths of character and time.

The opera’s success in Seattle, breaking all projections and expectations, is a testament not only to the talent of our artists but also to the enduring power of Malcolm X’s legacy. The production, organized in partnership with Seattle Opera, The Metropolitan Opera, Detroit Opera, Opera Omaha, and Lyric Opera of Chicago, serves as a poignant reminder of the role of art in our collective memory and future.

A Conversation with Ilyasah Shabazz

In attending the talk by Ilyasah Shabazz on her father’s legacy, Kenneth Kellogg not only celebrated the success of the opera but also connected with the roots of the story he so powerfully brings to the stage. This interaction between art and history, between performance and legacy, is what Arbour Artists stands for.


Looking to the horizon, the journey for these exceptional artists continues, promising more spellbinding performances and inspirational moments. Bass Kenneth Kellogg will soon grace the stage of Calgary Opera as Fafner in ‘Das Rheingold’ this April, offering audiences another opportunity to witness his profound talent and commanding presence. Meanwhile, Tenor Joshua Stewart is set to enchant audiences at the Barbican Centre in May, where his versatile voice and captivating stage presence will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

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